Important Message from Superintendent Rydell

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Port Jervis Learning Community:

This afternoon a staff member at the Middle School and received an email referencing a non-specific bomb threat to the building.  Out of an abundance of caution the following steps and procedures were taken:

  • 911 was called and emergency personnel swiftly responded to the middle school
  • Students were safely evacuated to the Gray Parker Funeral Home and picked up by buses to resume their normal bus routes home
  • Students that walk home may be picked up or walk home from the funeral home following the release of the buses

We will continue to post additional details as it becomes available, as soon as possible. 


The Middle School was cleared to resume normal activities, and students have been released.  The High School received a similar email, both ASK and HS followed our Emergency Plan.  The police have cleared the High School and the students are now being dismissed.  The police are currently clearing ASK and an update will posted following that confirmation.  Buses are leaving the High School at this time.  As a result, busing for ASK and HBE will be delayed. 

At this time after school activities will resume as scheduled, including the Middle School Concert.  Middle School students that need to get their instrument from the Middle School may do so at any time this afternoon up to the time of the concert.  


ASK Elementary School has been cleared by Police.  Dismissal is proceeding at this time.  Additional buses have been brought in to minimize delay of students arriving home.  Further information will be posted following the dismissal of all students. Again, all after school activities will take place as scheduled. Middle School Instruments are being shipped to the High School for Tonight’s Middle School Winter Concert.


HBE has released the buses for dismissal.