Dignity for All Students

Anti-bullying Resources & Information

New York State's Dignity for All Students Act - enacted in July 2012 - seeks to provide safe and supportive school environments where students can learn, free from discrimination, intimidation, taunting, harassment and bullying on school property, school buses and school functions. The goal of the Dignity Act is to ensure that no student should be subjected to harassment or discrimination by employees or students based on their actual or perceived race, color, weight, national origin, ethnic group, religion, religious practice, disability, sexual orientation. gender or sex.

Cyberbullying Amendment to the Dignity Act

The Cyberbullying Amendment to the Dignity act establishes protocols to respond to cyberbullying.
It grants schools authority over communications that occurs off-campus if it creates a hostile environment, a risk of a substantial disruption at school and it is foreseeable that the conduct, threats, intimidation or abuse might reach school property. Under the bill, a principal, superintendent or the designee is charged with investigating reports of cyberbullying. If the investigation verifies harassment, bullying or discrimination, the school would be required to take prompt actions to end the harassment.

Dignity Act Coordinators

The Dignity Act requires that at least one staff member at every school be trained to serve as a Dignity Act Coordinator. If you or your child has an act of bullying to report, please contact the coordinator at your child's school:

Incident Report Form

Behavioral Expectations

As part of the annual requirement to familiarize students with the Code of Conduct, schools now also inform students of behavioral expectations under the Dignity Act.

Helpful Resources

Child Abuse Hotline Number: 1-800-342-3720

Reports of suspected child abuse or maltreatment should be made immediately -- at any time of the day and on any day of the week -- by telephone to the New York Statewide Central Register of Child Abuse and Maltreatment (sometimes referred to as the State Central Register or SCR).