Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR)

What is APPR?

APPR stands for Annual Professional Performance Review. It is the process by which teachers and principals are evaluated in New York state. The process is governed by the state and aligns with New York state teaching and leadership standards. As a result of the federal Race To The Top (RTTT) education initiative, teacher and principal evaluation plans must adhere to more rigid rules. Each district develops its own evaluation plan within those guidelines. Plans must be approved by the NYS Education Department and, for the first time ever, a portion of the evaluations are directly tied to student performance on state exams or other state-approved learning measures. The plan adopted by the Port Jervis Board of Education was re-submitted to the New York State Department of Education: PJSD Annual Professional Performance Review

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APPR Teacher & Principal Effectiveness Scores

Under APPR, teachers and principals receive a number grade every year, which translates to an effectiveness rating. The APPR process is governed by the state and aligns with New York state teaching and leadership standards, but each school district develops its own evaluation plan within those guidelines. Because of this, each district's APPR plan is different, so APPR scores cannot be compared from district to district.

  • How often are principals and teachers evaluated? 
    • Teachers and principals are evaluated each year.
  • Will teachers and principals receive report cards or grades?
    • Teachers and principals will receive a single composite score each year.
      • Each score corresponds to one of the following rating bands: 
        • 91-100: Highly Effective
        • 75-90: Effective
        • 65-74: Developing
        • 0-64: Ineffective
  • Who evaluates teachers and principals?
    • Teachers are evaluated by their principal and/or supervisor.
    • Principals are evaluated by their director.
    • Education Law requires that evaluations be conducted by certified Lead Evaluators.

How to Request Teacher & Principal Effectiveness Scores

APPR scores are not considered public information and are not FOILable, but teachers' & principals' composite APPR ratings may be released to parents/guardians
Pursuant to Education Law Section 3012-c*

New York State law allows parents and legal guardians to request the effectiveness scores and final ratings for their child's current teachers and principal. Information can be requested by submitting the forms below. The district office will contact the parents/guardians to set up an appointment to review the APPR rating after the child's placement with the teacher and/or principal is verified.
Please Note: Parents/guardians must present photo ID to verify identification before the district can release the score of their student's teacher or principal.

  • Request for Release of APPR Review of Teachers and/or Principal

Information can be requested by returning the completed form(s) to:

Kristen Lopez, Superintendent's Confidential Secretary
Port Jervis City School District
9 Thompson Street
Port Jervis, NY 12771

How Student Growth Scores Influence Teacher Effectiveness Ratings

Growth Scores Explained from EngageNY on Vimeo.