PJ Middle School Honors and Accelerated Course Information

7th & 8th Grade Honors

Courses: 7th and 8th Grade Honors ELA, 7th Grade Honors Math, 8th Grade Honors Social Studies, 8th Grade Regents Algebra & 8th Grade Regents Living Environment

Port Jervis Middle School offers Honors Math as well as Honors ELA in 7th grade, as well as Honors ELA, Honors Social Studies, Regents Algebra, and Regents Living Environment in 8th grade. These courses will cover the grade level standards with more collaborative conversations, in depth analysis, and higher expectations with differentiated materials. Selected students are committing to a year-long course that will be challenging and require perseverance.  Students enrolled in Honors and Regents courses will move at a rigorous pace through a compacted curriculum and will be expected to make connections with material that facilitates a deep understanding of the concepts being taught.  

Honors ELA Students will still be expected to take the NYS 7-8 ELA exam, and Honors Math will take the NYS 7 Math exam each Spring.  

Port Jervis City School District offers an accelerated pathway for Mathematics and Science that begins in 8th grade.  Selected 8th grade students will complete high school coursework and take the NYS Algebra Regents exam or NYS Living Environment  Regents exam in June. Upon successful completion of the course and the NYS Regents Exams, students will be awarded NYS Regents credit on their High School transcript.