PJMS: Wood Trades Class

On February 16th, PJMS 8th Grade students, enrolled in the Wood Trades class, took a field trip to the district owned property on Route 209.  Students got an in depth, hands-on encounter with forestry, logging, sawmills, and rustic furniture building.  Patrick Dolan, volunteer forester/logger from Stubborn Mule Forestry Services, came to discuss forest management, tree identification, and tree felling techniques.  Dave Gibaldi, PJMS technology teacher, discussed draft animal power and low impact logging techniques.  Bob Pallatto, PJMS technology teacher, taught rustic furniture building and helped the students build "Viking Chairs".  Kyle Hyziak, PJHS technology teacher, taught portable sawmill operation and compared the speed of modern equipment to that of hand tools.  A great time was had by all!