HBE: American Heart Association's Kids Heart Challenge

The past several weeks, HBE has been participating in The American Heart Association's Kids Heart Challenge. We are excited to announce that we have had our best year yet and have reached ALL of our goals. Our donation goal was $3,000 and we surpassed that having fundraised $4,082.63 this year! This means Mr. Foley and Mrs. Hartmann will be color blasted. We also wanted to get 100 students registered and we were able to get 103 students registered, which means Mrs. Mesnick and Mr. Gennaro will be slimed! Lastly, the class that had the most students complete Finn's Mission will earn an extra recess. Congratulations to Mrs. Haight and Mrs. Sickler's class on earning an extra recess. Great job to all the staff and students who made HBE a healthy place to be!