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Dear Students and Families,

On behalf of the A.S.K. faculty, staff, and administration, I am thrilled to welcome all of you back for another exciting school year.  We hope that you all enjoyed your summer and that your children come back to school ready to learn.  As I reflect back on the last school year, I am amazed at what was accomplished and all of the wonderful experiences our students had.  We look forward to providing those opportunities again.

As always, our goals this year are to improve our overall academic achievement, develop the whole-child, and improve attendance.  We will achieve these goals through the following:

  • Teachers College Reading and Writing Project (TCRWP)- This rich, research-based approach to reading and writing created and directed by Lucy Calkins will be fully implemented this year in all grades.  
  • An emphasis in lesson design and delivery will be based on the Foundational 5.  These are best practices that we believe should be at the crux of each lesson.  They are: Learning Targets; Higher Order Questioning; Student Engagement; Differentiated Instruction; and Checking for Understanding.  
  • Our Kinesthetic Lab will be another area for students to learn through alternative methods.  We will look to maximize the utilization of this room and add similar features throughout the school.  
  • STREAM – students will have many opportunities to participate in STREAM (Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Arts, Math) activities.  Students will be able to learn through use of LittleBits, Legos, Google Expedition among other project-based assignments in the classroom.  
  • Technology - Google Chromebooks are filling the classrooms every year and our students are loving it!  In many of our grades, the student to device ratio is 1:1.  Teachers are engaging students by designing lessons through Google Classroom and students are able to easily create, collaborate and share their work through the G Suite for Education.  Keyboarding will also be offered for our students as well as other computer skills through one of our special area classes.
  • Fitness – We are looking forward to continuing and expanding our “Zero-Hour PE” program this year.  Additionally, we want to continue our Fit Fridays.
  • Character Education – As part of our district wide initiative we will be recognizing character traits each month. Students will engage in various activities centered around the character trait of the month.  This will be in addition to our ever-popular “Doing Things the Right Way!” program.

We are all looking forward to making 2019-2020 a great school year for all of our students!  Thank you for all of your support at home!

ASK….Doing Things the Right Way!



Brett Cancredi