Middle School Community Clean-up Project at Magagkamack Churchyard

Magagkamck gets a new sign

October 28, 2017 - PJHS, Port Jervis, NY - More than 40 Port Jervis Middle School students partnered with Port Jervis Mayor, Kelly Decker, for a community clean-up project at Magagkamack Churchyard on Saturday, October 28. The Magagkamack Churchyard sign, originally produced by Jerry Walters of Jerry's Signs, was refurbished by Port Jervis Middle School art teacher, Ryan Doyle. The wood and paint used for the sign was donated by Jim Rohner and Neversink Lumber. PJMS technology teacher, David Gibaldi, cut the sign to match the original template, as well.

Students were joined by PJMS Assistant Principal, Anthony Lazzaro; Social Studies teachers, Trish Aumick and Kyle Ross; Art teacher, Ryan Doyle; School Secretary, Nicole VanBenschoten; and parent volunteer, Melissa Stewart.  Volunteers raked and bagged leaves, removed debris, and moved downed tree limbs that were hauled away by Wayne Addy of the City of Port Jervis.

It was a terrific turn out and the end result is a once-again beautified area of Port Jervis. Thank you to all who participated.