Port Jervis High School Students Visited Six Flags Great Adventure On Physics Day

PJHS students participate in STEM related events

April 20th, 2018 - Port Jervis High School, Port Jervis, NY -  Port Jervis High School students visited Six Flags Great Adventure on Physics Day to participate in STEM related events. Activities included an Egg Drop for which students had to design and build a capsule that would protect a raw egg. Line Cut passes good for four people were given to survivors. Gavin Staerker's design was successful as well as Tori Frankenthal's design. Tori was unable to attend so her fellow Astronomy classmates represented her. Thereafter, Gabby Santoro won free lunch with the most accurate measurement of an angle from the ground to the top of the Ferris Wheel just using her hand. She measured with less than 1% error! G-force measurements were taken using simple accelerometers on the Buccaneer which is a swinging boat ride. Afterwards, students were given an opportunity to meet the park's Chief Engineer. Then, there was a race for cars built by groups of students. The car that most slowly travels the entire track wins. The car built by Bethany Rhinehart and Zach Hanham won First Place as well as Line Cut passes. Finally, students were asked to ride the Sky Cars and throw a ball at a target while moving approximately 5 miles hour at a height of over 50 feet. The group had a wonderful time. Ms. Hartey and Mr. Koenig are very proud of the students' representation of our school district.