HBE: National Park Service Visit

The National Park Service visited HBE UPK/Kindergarten on Tuesday, June 4 & Wednesday, June 5, 2024.

It all began with the students visiting the UPK & Kindergarten classrooms that were set up like actual NPS museums. Each room had a trunk of hands-on items/artifacts such as skulls, hides, eggs, and puppets. The trunks gave students a unique perspective into the natural and cultural world of the Upper Delaware River Valley. The students studied:

  • Birds of Prey - The focus was common birds of prey found in the Upper Delaware region with an emphasis on bald eagles. 
  • Local Wildlife - Students learned about the abundant wildlife that inhabits the Delaware River Valley through exploring puppets and other hands-on activities. 
  • Animal Tracks - Students enjoyed identifying and making animal tracks in sand.

Lunch was outside picnic style in our beautiful courtyard. There was a Nature Hike around the grounds of our school. The fun ended on Wednesday with an assembly put on by the National Parks Service about our neighbors, the Bald Eagles.