HBE: The Lü


Last week, HBE Physical Education classes used The Lü. The Lü is an interactive playground that uses lights, sounds and video to transform gyms and classrooms into an engaging, immersive video game. The Lü is a state of the art audio visual system designed for an active environment and creates an immersive space where kids learn better through physical activity. The Lü focuses on the mind, social-emotional learning and the body. It engages students' intelligence and learning styles using compelling activities. It helps develop confidence, self-esteem, interpersonal skills and anxiety and stress reduction. The Lü also supports health, sports, fitness and physical education leading to a quality active lifestyle. The Lü has engaging curriculum-based activities designed to help foster students' social-emotional, physical and intellectual skills. The Lü allows for cross curriculum collaboration and initiatives such as Math, English and Geography.