Academic Intervention Services (AIS)

Children's learning needs vary. Many children need additional time and assistance to reach their learning potential. All students are eligible to receive these services if they meet the district established criteria.

AIS Program

The Port Jervis Academic Intervention Services Program is designed to provide the additional educational experiences needed to help students as they work toward New York State's higher learning standards.

  • AIS Guide - Information about the criteria used to determine the need for AIS & types of services available for Port Jervis students.
    Printed copies are available in all school offices.
  • Academic Intervention Services Plan

AIS Complaints

No Child Left Behind Written Complaint and Appeal Procedures

As required by Title IX, General Provisions of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), the New York State Education Department (NYSED) has adopted the following procedures for receiving and resolving complaints and for reviewing appeals from decisions of local educational agencies (LEAs). Complaints concerning violations of ESEA Title I, Parts A, C, and D, or of the General Education Provisions Act; or of Section 100.2(ee) Academic Intervention Services of the Regulations of the Commissioner are covered by these procedures.

LEAs must disseminate free of charge, adequate information about the State Complaint and Appeal Procedures to parents of students, and appropriate private school officials or representatives. [General Provisions Regulations, 34 CFR Sections 299.10-299.12]

Complaints about the AIS Title I Program should be submitted in writing to:

Office of Superintendent of Schools
Port Jervis City School District
9 Thompson Street
Port Jervis, NY 12771